Marcos’ particular “revenge” towards Camila that sparked all kinds of comments in Big Brother 2022

Marcos’ fun “revenge” towards Camila (Video: Big Brother 2022)

There is little left for the reality show to end and the mood in Big Brother it is most disparate. The little brothers They go through all kinds of emotions throughout the day: happiness, euphoria, sadness, laughter, anxiety and even the desire to leave their isolation to reunite with their loved ones. But they also have moments of jokes, which help to distend that range of feelings.

And in this final stretch, ties are strengthened or broken, as well as new alliances are forged. In this context and since he entered the house (a month and a half after the rest), Camila approached frames with intentions that are not entirely clear.

It is that the young woman from Ituzaingó in recent days was closer to Salta, the spoiled child of the public, and even began to explain to the other participants his intention that something happen between them. Strategy or love, the participant began to chase him permanently throughout the house, without rest, however she was never reciprocated. In fact, the young law student has made it clear to her that she does not reciprocate and has even asked her on several occasions not to touch her. But Camila never respected her request.

On social networks, the fans who follow the minute by minute of what happens in the popular reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro They have already focused on this relationship and they even wonder if Camila’s actions are not bullying and question whether the production of the cycle should take action on the matter. “Poor kid, he doesn’t leave him alone. If it were like that, Marcos with her would already be killing him like Agustín,” said a follower. “What she is doing is bullying. Clearly, Marcos is annoyed by the chick, being in love is no excuse to be like that with a person,” added a young woman. An episode that occurred in the pool recently went viral: Marcos was on an inflator when Camila tried to get on it and ended up throwing it away. His reaction was to push her away from her. And so several situations have been repeated for weeks.

Camila continues to bother Marcos (Video: Big Brother 2022)

This time, while the little brothers were in the garden carrying out the weekly test to define the budget, between hoops, balls and all kinds of objects. In the scene you can see Marcos, Camila and the Torahwho were attempting a target shot with a yellow ball.

In a fun episode that ended in laughter, the young man made a gesture of pointing at Lucila but in reality, he hit Camila who was next to him with a ball. The young pianist acted offended but instantly she returned to start a ball-hitting war. A little “revenge” from Salta, a joke like the one that any group of brothers can do in a family home.

“I applaud it, it was really good,” wrote a user after the video cut went viral. “Che, the same if this had been done by Agustín and everyone jumped that he was violent,” said another person. “He did it to people, Camila was not offended, after 2 minutes she was already insisting on him to go to the sauna, don’t be so sensitive,” explained another user.

In a new round of nomination, on Wednesday night he was nominated and the plaque was made up of Ariel, Nacho, Alpha, frames and juliet, and at tonight’s gala Camila must save a colleague. Although it is unknown what she will do, everything indicates that she will save the biggest participant in the house since for some time she became her number one ally in the reality show.

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