Leo Messi: the World Cup came “at the best moment, at the end of my career and closing my professional stage” | He spoke for the first time after the World Championship

When Argentina scored the last penalty in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Leo Messi He achieved the greatest achievement of his career: being crowned World Champion, a moment he had dreamed of more than once. “I had a feeling that God had this in store for me and I was waiting for the moment. And there was no better time than this, at the end of my career and closing my professional stage”recounted the captain of La Scaloneta.

Minutes after the end of the game, Messi found himself with the trophy he had hoped to lift since he kicked his first balls in his native Rosario. “The Cup called me, it told me ‘come, grab me’. I saw her there, shining and standing out in that beautiful stadium. I had to kiss her“Recounted the forward regarding the moment after the victory in which the cameras of the whole world captured him when he caressed and kissed the cup.


“What are you looking at? Go over there, fool”

The World Cup left all kinds of moments to remember. Viral videos, memes and even songs. And without a doubt, one of the most transcendental was the iconic phrase “go there silly” that the rosarino shot after the game against the Netherlands. Messi told Urbana Play that this phrase was spontaneous and that it came out of his way “natural”. And he confessed that when he saw the repercussions that did not feel comfortable with that scene.

I don’t like what happened with the ‘andá pa’ there’. I don’t like to leave that image, but it came out like that, there was a lot of nervousness,” added Leo, who recalled that “A lot of things had happened on the court with that player (Wout Weghorst) and a couple more, moments of tension and crosses, also the fever with the referee” of the match.


Diego Maradona, help from heaven and the hit “Muchachos”

I would have liked Diego to give me the Cup or at least see Argentina world champion, with which he loved the Selection. That photo would have been nice,” Lio said.

Anyway, the captain of the Scaloneta said that he felt the Ten had “pushed“so that the National Team would become world champion for the third time in its history.”I think from aboveBoth he (Maradona) and many people who love me and want the best for me, I made strength for this“, he stressed.

A month after being crowned in Qatar 2022, Leo Messi said that did not see the final against France againbut summaries, some plays and the celebrations of the people to the rhythm of “boys“, a song that the captain of the National Team has liked a lot since even before the World Cup. “Little by little people sang it more and it went viral, in the World Cup the Argentines and everyone sang it, even if they don’t know Spanish“, he detailed.

Scaloni and the coaching staff

“They are spectacular, They know what the National Team is because they lived through it and they are former players who went through everything we went through. They knew how to handle themselves and what to do or say at all times”, assessed Messi, who highlighted “the group management” of the work team headed by Scaloni and made up of Pablo Aimar, Walter Samuel and Roberto Ayala.

“We always knew what we had to do. We prepared the game with our idea but always with a detail to manage it in our favor. I think he was not wrong in any of the seven games“Messi said.

The soccer player with the most games played in the history of the World Cups considered that the most difficult moments were after the defeat in the debut against Saudi Arabia and the first part of the duel against Mexico.

The match with Mexico was the most difficult to play and the one we played the worst because we needed to win no matter what. but I was confident that we were going to pass,” said the captain.

During the interview, Messi not only highlighted Scaloni’s coaching staff but also, based on the image of the hug with the cook Antonia Farías on the field of play, he spoke of his close relationship with everything that surrounds the national team.

I have a very nice relationship with her and with all the people who accompany us. I’ve been there since I was 18 (on the property) and some of them longer. I’ve known them for a long time and they also suffer from it like we do,” he said.

How was the return to the country and the celebrations with the people

The return to Argentina lasted more than 20 hours, but the wait did not prevent the players from feeling the love of the fans. “That there are people surprised a lotwe arrived at Ezeiza and it was full, it was difficult for us to get to the property that was next to it. I got up, turned on the TV and the Obelisk was already full,” Leo recalled.

“It was beautiful to come back like that, it was a long trip, it seemed like we were leaving as soon as the game was over, but we were at the hotel for about seven hours, then we were six or seven hours to Rome and then 13 more. We had an extraordinary trip”complete.

Later, the caravan “was crazy, because you see the happiness of the people, big boys, of all ages, the happiness they had was inexplicableYou could see it in their faces. It was crazy people, there were 5 million and nothing happened.”

After several hours in the micro convertible, the comments on social networks pointed out the sunburn that players were going to get if they didn’t wear sunscreen. “You didn’t realize, when I got home it was all red, all sunstroke, shit. I was half bad for two days and with the downturn of everything that had happened,” Messi said.

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