Chiqui Tapia met with Mascherano and ratified him as coach of the national team after the elimination in the South American Sub 20

Meeting between Chiqui Tapia and Mascherano after the elimination in the South American Sub 20

The Argentine team suffered a severe setback in the South American Sub 20 that is disputed in Colombia. Despite having several young local soccer figures and under the leadership of a historic national team as Javier Mascheranothe team only won one game in the group stage and was eliminated from the final Hexagonal that grants four places for the World Cup of the category to be played in Indonesia.

Once the match against the local team ended, which was left with the 1-0 victory and decreed the goodbye of the National Team of the contest, DT was very self-critical and questioned his continuity at the head of the youth teams. “I don’t think it will continue, the best thing now is to be able to return to Argentina and be calm,” he declared after the duel against the coffee team. “I am very grateful for the opportunity, because it is not easy for them to give it to you in the National Team. I have failed,” he added. mask.

On the morning of this Sunday, once the Argentine delegation set foot on Argentine soil after their participation in the South American tournament, Chiqui Tapia received Mascherano at the AFA premises in Ezeiza and, after a meeting, ratified in office who used to be an emblem of the National Team and that he won the Olympic gold medal twice.

“Today I was in Ezeiza to receive our Under 20 team headed by their coach Javier Mascherano. The National Teams project, beyond the results, is the path we have chosen and the path we all want to take. We will continue sowing to reap ”, the president of the AFA published on his Twitter account.

In the photo that Tapia uploaded, you can see him having breakfast with the Sub 20 coach, one of his assistants already bernard romeothe youth team coordinator of the Argentine Football Association.

Mascherano will continue as DT of the Sub 20 Selection
Mascherano will continue as DT of the Sub 20 Selection

In this way, and despite not having achieved the initial objective of qualifying for the World Cup of the category, which will be held from May 20 to June 11 in the Southeast Asian country, the same thing happened with the three places at stake to be part of the list of selected that will be the Pan American Games Santiago 2023 -they will be played from October 20 to November 5 in the capital-, Mascherano will continue to lead the project that has him as the leader of the Sub 20.

After the elimination, the DT analyzed the performance of his team in the tournament in which could only beat Peru (1-0) and in which lost to Paraguay (1-2), Brazil (1-3) and Colombia by the slightest difference in the last meeting of the area.

The coach took responsibility for the elimination of his team. “There is not much to say. First of all, sorry for the boys, for not having been able to help them. The truth is that it is an incredible generation and it is clear that the one who has failed is me, in not being able to transmit to them the confidence and tranquility that they know, as they showed me throughout the process, ”he confessed on Colombian soil.

“We never reached the level that we could reach, this team can play much better, clearly I am responsible for not having been able to convince them to play at the level that they can,” he added in relation to the opportunity he had to lead soccer players with projection international as Nicholas Paz -Militates in the lower ranks of Real Madrid-, Maximo Perrone -recently acquired by Manchester City-, Facundo Buonanottewho will play for Brighton and was only able to spend a few minutes on the court in the first game after receiving a hard blow to his spine, and other players from the local media such as Ignacio Maestro Puch, Gino Infantino and Julián Fernández.

* Mascherano’s word on his arrival in Argentina after the elimination

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