Wanda Nara talked about her viral photo in a t-shirt and espadrilles: “My reality is that”

Wanda Nara explained the viral photo that shows her from home

One way or another, Wanda Nara he always manages to be in the eye of the storm. After her lightning trip to Dubai, which gave rise to endless speculation, and when rumors linking her to Senegalese soccer player Keita Baldé grew, the businesswoman returned to Buenos Aires and was very active in her networks. First, she answered questions from her followers along with her daughter Francesca hers. And then, she referenced a viral photo of her that showed her in a homemade look.

In a relaxed tone, the media explained in her Instagram stories a particularity that her followers had noticed in a viral photo. It is that Wanda and Francesca went shopping in Nordelta and were photographed very much at home during their visit to a bookstore. And there were many who highlighted the difference with the usual images that the host uploads to her networks, always produced, made up and taking maximum care of her image.

The next day, Wanda uploaded a video to her stories when she saw the impact that the capture of her daily life had had. “I have the same shirt from yesterday with which they saw me shopping in a bookstore with Francesca. Obviously I go to the supermarket, to the bookstore, to the pharmacy. I am a mom like all of them, ”she explained in a video before her more than 15 million followers.

And then he made a distinction between his highly produced photos and his wardrobe at home. “It makes me laugh when they say ‘she’s in a pharmacy’. Who will go for me? Obviously when I go out they won’t see me like on Instagram. Instagram is my job and it’s the photos that I sometimes have to upload,” she stated. And she drew on some experiences from her past to emphasize this distinction.

“My reality is that. Espadrilles, jogging. If I think about it, that look brought me much more success than it produced. In many of my appointments with boys I went natural, because it sucks a lot ”, closed the businesswoman naturally.

Wanda Nara and Francesca with a casual look
Wanda Nara and Francesca with a casual look

A while before, and also in the company of Francesca, the media had answered some questions from her followers. Together they told what their favorite foods are, their favorite movies and what they like to do as a family. Until the slightly more committed agenda arrived. “Wanda, would you like to live in Argentina again?” Asked a follower, and the media responded without hesitation: “Yes, I would. And you, Franchi? The girl thought and finally answered in the affirmative, although she added: “But with my daddy.” The following question caused controversy in the media. “Mom or dad?” Zaira’s sister answered “Mom” but the girl was more controversial. “Dad”, she responded to the cry of her mother who immediately reprimanded him: “What?”

Finally, they asked Wanda if she had a new boyfriend, right in the middle of the rumors that link her to the soccer player Keita Baldé, Mauro Icardi’s former teammate from his time at Inter. Here, her response was forceful. “New boyfriend? No, I do not have. At least I don’t…”, she confessed to her followers.

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