Nephrologists and otolaryngologists are the doctors with the happiest marriages

9,200 physicians from the United States, from 29 different specialties, participated in the ‘Medscape’ report.

The nephrologists and the otolaryngologists are considered specialists with “happier” marriages. This is confirmed by a study based on a survey published by medscapewhich ensures that 85 percent of couples in both professions live happily married.

In the ranking it follows them, moreover, with a 84 percent happy marriages the specialties of Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmology among other. Interestingly, in last year’s report, the happy marriage rate by major was over 85 percent in seven majors, but this time none did.

Those that will be considered “unhappiest” specialties in their marriages are Endocrinologywith 75 percent happy marriages and 77 percent for Rheumatology, Urology, Infectious and General Surgery.

These figures are collected in the ‘Physicians Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2023. Satisfaction amid stress, in which 9,200 doctors from the United States have participated, from 29 different specialties. It assesses different aspects such as the lifestyle of health professionals, family relationships, marriages and personal habits.

According to this website, the vast majority of doctors are “married or in a committed relationship”85 percent for men and 72 percent for professional women. The frequency with which doctors said they enjoyed “very good” or “good” marriages was similar to the last two reports, 81 percent hundred say they feel that way and only 4 percent acknowledge that their marriage is “bad”.

In addition, within these relationships, the report shows that 20 percent of them are couples in which both are doctors and 25 percent are made up of a doctor and another health professional.

Doctors more unhappy than before the pandemic inside and outside of work

The health and well-being of doctors has been recovering since the pandemic began, but the increase in happy professionals is growing at a very slow speed. The latest data shows that 84 percent of doctors said they felt “very happy” or “somewhat happy” out of work before the pandemic hit (81 percent in the balance of 2022) and 58 percent currently feel that way, a figure that is maintained with the previous year.

Regarding how doctors feel during the working day, the covid is once again a determining factor in the state of mind of the professionals that has not yet been recovered. 75 percent of those surveyed felt “very happy” or “somewhat happy” at their job before the pandemic, and now that number has fallen to 48 percent. Health workers who feel “very unhappy” or “somewhat unhappy” during their workday have grown by 22 percent from the beginning of the pandemic to the present.

The women doctors assured in the document that they face “stronger feelings of conflict” trying to balance parenting responsibilities and the demands of work. While 28 percent of men saw a “major conflict” when dealing with it, the figure for professionals is at 49 percent.

Health professionals more concerned about their own well-being

A higher proportion of physicians stated in the report that take care of their health and well-being “always” or “most of the time” than in last year’s report (33 percent). This year’s figure rises to 40 percent. Professionals reported less frequently that they “rarely” or “never” take care of their well-being compared to last year, 17 percent now versus 23 percent previously.

Regarding vacations, the 3 and 4 weeks a year predominated. 79 percent of doctors stayed on vacations of up to 4 weeks, a figure very similar to that of the previous year. The report also indicates that professionals exercise an average of 2 to 3 times a week (36 percent of the total).

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