The 8 possible scenarios for the “final” with Poland: what does Argentina need to advance to the second round of the World Cup

The Argentine team will face Poland next Wednesday, November 30

“We can no longer lower our arms, now it is this, we put it that way, we all have finals, we cannot make mistakes.” The phrase of the captain of the Argentine team, Lionel Messipronounced on the playing field where minutes before he had unlocked the game against Mexico, anticipates a reality: the Argentine team must seek a victory next Wednesday, November 30, against Polandif you want to advance to the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 on your own merits.

However, although that is the desire of the vast majority of a soccer country like few others and the aspiration of the entire delegation led by Lionel Scaloni in Qatari lands, the truth is that even if the ideal scenario did not occur, there are other results that they could place the Argentine team in the round of 16.

Indeed, the eight possibilities that the clash holds against the team whose top figure is Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski, are the following:

possible scenarios

Option 1: Argentina beats Poland and Mexico beats Saudi Arabia, it ranks first.

Option 2: Argentina beats Poland and Saudi Arabia ties with Mexico, it ranks first.

Option 3: Argentina beats Poland and Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, both qualify and the leader will be defined by goal difference (for the moment, Scaloni’s have +1 and Renard’s -1).

Option 4: Argentina ties with Poland and Mexico ties with Saudi Arabia, it is classified second.

Option 5: Argentina draws with Poland and Mexico beats Saudi Arabia by three or fewer goals, ranking second.

Option 6: Argentina draws with Poland and Mexico beats Saudi Arabia by more than three goals, it is eliminated.

Option 7: Argentina ties with Poland and Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, it is eliminated.

Option 8: Argentina loses to Poland, is eliminated.

Argentina depends on itself to access the round of 16 (Reuters)
Argentina depends on itself to access the round of 16 (Reuters)

With the victory against Mexico 2-0 at the Lusail stadium on the second date of Group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Argentine team is left with great chances to advance to the round of 16 of the contest and depends on herself to achieve the first objective. Lionel Scaloni’s team, who prevailed against the Aztecs thanks to great goals from Lionel Messi and Enzo Fernandez in the second half, now they will have to beat him next Wednesday in the stadium 974 to Poland (4) by Robert Lewandowski to keep first place in the area or tie and wait for what happens at the same time (16) in the duel between Saudi Arabia (3) and Mexico (1).

Qatar 2022 – Argentina 2 Vs Mexico 0 – Match Summary

As Poland defeated Saudi Arabia, it reached 4 points and the Asians were left with 3. In this way, the Albiceleste victory left the zone very even and the two classifications would be defined in the last day, with Argentina better positioned for the outcome of the cluster.

Qatar 2022 – Poland 2 vs Saudi Arabia 0 – Match Summary

Given the scenarios, it is worth noting the different criteria that define the classifications in the group stage. The first place, before equality of points, will be taken into account the goal difference. If parity persists, the next factor to be considered is the most goals scored. If the teams still do not take advantage of each other, the result between the teams involved will tip the balance to define the passage to the next round. In the event that there are more than two tied participants, the one who has obtained the most points in the matches between them will be victorious.

The fourth criterion is fair play, through which a table of points elaborated by the cards that are shown in the matches is made. Each team is deducted one point for each yellow card received, three for each red card for double warnings, four for each direct red card, and five for each direct yellow card plus red card. The team with the best result will classify 8th. The last option to settle a tiebreaker is a draw that will be in charge of FIFA and will have a format similar to that of bolilleros that is used to make up the zones of the first phase.

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