Controversy in networks for the kiss between Juliet and Daniela in Big Brother: Was it infidelity?

Julieta and Daniela kissed in Big Brother 2022

Since last night on Big Brother 2022 a sequence aired in which Daniela Celis Y Juliet Poggio They gave each other a passionate kiss, the controversy broke out on social networks.

Everything happened in the middle of the party that the production organizes for the participants of the reality show on Friday nights. On this occasion, it was a World Cup theme, waiting for the match that the national team played this Saturday afternoon against Mexico in Qatar.

So it was that at one point, during the course of the party, the two friends were seen embracing each other, drinking beer in the patio, and immediately it was possible to see how Daniela nodded her head as a sign of ok and at that moment Julieta stamped a passionate kiss that surprised everyone, including the host of the program, Robertito Funes Ugarte.

“Hey! Oooh! A kiss between Juliet and Daniela?” Robertito asked when he saw the images. And, incredulous, he asked his panelists for silence and asked the production to play that fragment of the recording again. “Did you see what I saw? It’s not that I’m surprised, right?, but…”, insisted the driver. And then he decided to spy on the party again. “Let’s go home again to see this kiss between Pestañela and Disney,” he said, alluding to the nicknames by which the participants are known.

The truth is that, minutes later, the friends began to try to convince their colleagues to give them part of their ration of beer, since each one had only one can. “You already sucked a lot. Control yourselves,” he said. Augustine Guardis Juliet when she was trying to get him to give her some of his drink. But the girls, who were eager to continue enjoying themselves, did not diminish her attempts. And, also as part of the game, they ended up adding a group kiss to Juliana Diaz.

This fact, which did not go unnoticed at all on social networks, created a debate with widely divided opinions: Was Juliet unfaithful towards her boyfriend or not?

The question that social networks echoed has to do with the fact that the participant from Villa Devoto is in a relationship with Lucca Bardelli And when she entered the Big Brother house, she said that she was super in love with her boyfriend and that she did not plan to be with anyone inside the game.

Such was the controversy that broke out that even the economist Carlos Maslaton He began to give his opinion about it. “In response to inquiries from numerous forum members and despite my exclusive concentration on the 2022 World Cup. The answer is NO, categorically no. The consummation of this act on Daniela or other acts with women does not constitute Julieta’s infidelity, with respect to her boyfriend outside of GH. ”, He expressed forcefully. And she added: “And it must be remembered that, since prehistoric times, men have zero discomfort and zero displeasure when the woman with whom they have a relationship kisses or hooks up with other women. Rather, he generates the inverse of annoyance and displeasure. It is the law of history and nature”, the economist who declared himself a fan of the Telefe program concluded conclusively.

Post by Carlos Maslatón about the kiss between Daniela and Juliet from Big Brother (Photo: Twitter)
Post by Carlos Maslatón about the kiss between Daniela and Juliet from Big Brother (Photo: Twitter)

For their part, there were many users who were against the attitude of the model and stated that she had committed infidelity towards her boyfriend. “Say what they say, that’s HORN and Julieta horned him with Daniela, no more is said,” were some of the arguments that circulated on the networks since last night.

Meanwhile, Lucca, Julieta’s boyfriend, was not very concerned about the young woman’s attitude within the contest. This afternoon, after the game of the Argentine team, Bardelli uploaded a post to his Instagram stories in which he was seen very happy from inside a car, having fun with his friends and other girls from a car next door.

Big Brother 2022: Julieta's boyfriend was not very concerned about the controversy of the kiss on the networks (Photo: Capture Telefe)
Big Brother 2022: Julieta’s boyfriend was not very concerned about the controversy of the kiss on the networks (Photo: Capture Telefe)

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