How to face high temperatures without losing sight of comprehensive personal self-care

Summer is approaching and you can see how the physical body begins to take on a greater preponderance. To lose weight, quick solutions are usually sought that involve the minimum effort and that provide the best result in the shortest possible time. For this reason, so-called miracle diets are often used, which, although they can lead to the desired goal in the short term, are known to not provide favorable results in the long term. The main objective should be to achieve a change in lifestyle, through the incorporation of healthy habits, that lasts over time, which is not achieved from one day to the next. For this reason, it is essential not to fall into despair at this time of year and focus on this last purpose. By the Lic. in Psychology Mailén Barreto, Mariela Garabello and Melody Varisco.

Likewise, at this time of the year, when the moments of intense heat begin, as a result of climate change, the mood is negatively affected in many aspects. A feeling of heaviness appears, a certain anhedonia, and even irritability. This tends to make it take a lot of effort to carry out daily activities, especially outside the home. Although it is logical, for reasons of health and self-care, that people tend to spend most of the day “inside”, sheltered from the sun and extremely high temperatures, it is also true that many times there is a tendency to stay indoors for a long time to enjoy certain comfort, this behavior favored by the use of technology, which allows solving issues remotely and even recreation without leaving home.

At this point, it is important not to forget that that comfort zone where you can be comfortable and sheltered from high temperatures can also become a snack prior to the self-boycott of true well-being, favoring a sedentary lifestyle and isolation, affecting physical and mental health. psychic. Understanding that both are interconnected and affect each other enormously, to obtain long-term results, neither the mental nor the physical sphere can be neglected, but it is important to take responsibility and take care of both equally, taking into account that the human being is a whole being and in total communication.

Thus, for a good personal growth, it is necessary to take into account: body and mind. It is about managing to work on them in an integrated way, where there is no one that is more important than the other (regardless of the time of year you are in) and where from them you can act in a more balanced way in life. Emotional problems often affect the body in the form of pain or physical discomfort, and the same happens in the opposite case: many bodily problems translate into mood swings and other emotional disorders. That is to say, that many of the discomforts and tensions, both physical and psychological, are a consequence of the lack of communication that exists between the mind and the body.

Thus, any change entails a process of adaptation. So it is crucial, to maintain a balance, be aware that those comfort states that were mentioned are limited to what is strictly necessary, acquiring tips to take care of the body and mind away from home. With this, reference is made to the risks and psychophysical consequences generated, for example, by a sedentary lifestyle, highlighting in the first instance the reluctance that is increasing, laziness, procrastination, as well as the accumulation of stress and other emotions that, only in going out, moving, socializing and recreating, they can be channeled assertively, avoiding their accumulation and subsequent overflows, such as dysfunctional channeling, bad habits or vices that harm health and well-being in general, later turning into a snowball that grows and then hard to stop.

Hence, it is key to anticipate from self-knowledge, and plan seeking strategies according to this type of situation, in such a way that we can continue to comply with the self-care routine while responding to the civil and labor obligations and responsibilities that each one has. .

Tips to face high temperatures while maintaining health and well-being
The main enemy in this type of situation is oneself. At this point it is important to be aware of this temptation and avoid negative self-talk, excuses and complaints that only increase discomfort and send signals to the unconscious -and to the organism as a whole- of discomfort and annoyance, which makes it difficult to find alternative solutions. to adapt to these changes without neglecting. The complaint only paralyzes and increases the problem. For this, it is extremely important to try to be more aware of thoughts and emotions, which will favor a better development.

Do not get carried away by social pressures. At this time of the year when the body is at the center of society’s concerns, it seems necessary to ask more about its relationship with the mind. The balance of body / mind is achieved through exercise routines, which effectively help positive thoughts to prevail and allow emotional control to be taken. In this way, it will be necessary and equally important to always maintain a positive attitude towards life that will be reflected in bodily expressions and physical training.

Getting organized is the key. Looking for alternatives to not give up physical exercise is essential to take care of health in general and maintain good spirits, since, as has been taught countless times, physical activity favors the release of well-being hormones. Although sustaining the exercise costs due to the increase in heat, the modification of schedules is a very favorable possibility so as not to abandon it: early in the morning or at sunset, when the temperature tends to drop. Even if there is no time due to the occurrence of an event or unforeseen event that disorganizes the agenda, there are other resources, such as internet tutorials or in the educational material of this Program corresponding to the month of August, in which you are educated about the benefits of physical exercise and other tips to do it at home, even in reduced spaces if necessary.

Prepare in advance for social events, which tend to come up more frequently at this time of year, so as not to neglect your body and mind. Although it is very positive to go out, celebrate and socialize, it is advisable to get psyched up and focus on the true purpose of these meetings, which is sharing, celebrating achievements and clearing up; not an opportunity for overeating, overeating and drinking. For this, as always, prior planning is key to avoid falling into automatism, impulse and lack of control.

Staying hydrated, not only because it prevents heat stroke, but also because it has been shown that drinking water improves mood, reduces tension and favors achieving and sustaining calm and positive sensations. Also, avoid confusing thirst with hunger, which happens very often. In turn, water regulates body temperature and provides the necessary energy to continue to be constant in self-care activities. Water is a great ally at this time as it hydrates, keeps body temperature in line, is key to optimal functioning of the body as a whole, and has no calories or harmful additives.

Don’t lose sight of the goals. It is essential that the behaviors and choices are aimed at achieving the goals set, which in this case is the maintenance of healthy habits favoring comprehensive well-being. Having clear and well-defined objectives favors perseverance and finding alternatives and proactive behaviors on how to stay on track towards the goal; always keeping in mind that any change implies a unique and unrepeatable process, different for each one, which takes time and difficulties depending on each person.

For this reason, it is very helpful to set small objectives, minimum goals to meet, celebrating each step without losing sight of the final goal, which will make the path to it more bearable and rewarding, as well as, in turn, will empower the person, notably increasing the feeling of self-efficacy and self-esteem; essential resources that facilitate a greater predisposition and proactivity for the achievement and achievement of what the person proposes.
Editor’s Note: Article published in the Educational Material of Icarus Health & Longevity Centerfor patients of Pios-Pec and Pios-Pec PER, corresponding to November 2022, assigned for publication in AIM.

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