A Colombian judge appeared smoking in her underwear at a Zoom hearing

A Colombian judge was suspended after appearing smoking in her underwear at a court hearing broadcast by Zoom. The magistrate had already starred in another controversy after she published risque photos of her on social networks to show the results of her physical training.

The colombian Vivian Polania she starred in an awkward moment after she appeared half-naked and carrying a rolled cigarette on a bed in a virtual audience. Although she turned off the camera after one of those present warned her of the situation, the video quickly went viral on social networks.

These types of cases were a frequent occurrence in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic, which accelerated the virtual process of trials. Meanwhile, a lawyer filed a formal complaint against the Colombian judge, who was finally removed from her duties for three months.

Vivian Polania, the judge who went viral for appearing half-naked on Zoom

The Colombian magistrate is 34 years old and graduated as a lawyer from a private Catholic university. She currently resides in the city of Cúcuta, near the Colombian-Venezuelan border, where she practices her legal profession at the Palace of Justice of that city.

In that framework, he participated in a virtual court hearing via Zoom to determine whether a man held for an alleged car bomb terrorist attack in June of last year should be released on bail. In the middle of the meeting, Polania appeared through her notebook lying on her bed, topless and smoking.

Vivian, whose full name is Heidy Vivian Polania Francoseemed to be “slurring” in the video, so investigators assess that he could be under the influence of alcohol.

“I am with a towel”: the excuse of a judicial official for not turning on her camera in a virtual trial

One of those present recorded the images that last 33 seconds and that later went viral on Twitter. “In a WhatsApp video making the rounds, Vivian Polania, who works at the Palace of Justice in Cúcuta, participates in a hearing from her bed, semi-naked and smoking,” published the bird’s social network user, amazed. “I don’t know if this could lead to some kind of sanction, but it will definitely generate controversy,” he added.

The event generated a scandal that led to a formal complaint filed by a local lawyer. The investigation was carried out by a disciplinary commission, which determined that the magistrate was suspended from duty for three months. Until now, Polania did not comment on it.

“No bra and open minded”

The decision of the Justice regarding Polania’s actions comes two years after the woman responded to her critics after posting photos on her public networks that show her muscles, her underwear and her tattoos on her back.

Vivian Polania 20221124

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For her part, Vivian responded by insisting that she was going to keep posting raunchy photos on her Instagram, where she describes herself as “braless and open-minded.” “Not all judges, lawyers and other state employees are the same,” she defended herself, adding: “What I use and show on my social networks is my decision and I am not going to change anything.”

In announcing its decision to suspend, the National Commission of Judicial Ethics of Colombia said in a written ruling: “It is a duty of this commission to avoid repeating the judge’s contempt for the investiture of her position and the contempt she showed with her peers in the Public Ministry, the prosecution and the defense,” indicates the written.

“We find no justification for the judge to have appeared in such deplorable conditions when she had the facilities of her own home and all the necessary comforts to adequately prepare a public hearing and with the respect that such a hearing deserved,” the statement added. .

Vivian Polania 20221124

Other cases

In January 2021, Héctor Paredes Robles, a lawyer from Peruwas caught having sex during a Zoom court hearing after inadvertently leaving his camera on, under the scrutiny of court officials who watched as the man stripped naked and sat in a chair with a woman, in a live stream .

also resounded the Argentine case of a lesser caliber occurred in April 2022, when a judicial official who had to connect to a virtual trial assured the judge that he couldn’t turn on his camera because he just got out of the shower. “I’m with a towel”replied the chambermaid in an unusual moment that went viral on social networks.


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