Big Brother 2022: Daniela had a mishap and Coti asked the production for help

Coti asked Big Brother to get glue for Daniela’s nails

Over the weeks, some of the reality show participants Big Brother 2022 they have problems with their appearance, since they cannot go to the hairdresser or the manicure. In this opportunity, Daniela She was concerned about the state of her nails and eyelashes.

This Monday, the participant expressed to Coti her worry about running out of nail glue. It was then that the young woman from Corrientes took the opportunity to place an order for the production of the popular Telefe program.

“I feel like I miss Dani with nails,” said El Conejo’s girlfriend. “brodyTell me, what do you miss? Dani is nails, nails is equal to Dani. They can not not send him a glue … Yes or yes, it is the essence of him and now he is no longer Dani ”, reflected the participant. She then claimed again looking at the cameras: “Give him Big Brother, send him some glue, please.”

“I want to see your white nails. I feel that they are very cheeky, ”the brunette replied. Quickly her partner answered hopefully: “Later you will see them, if God and Big wants.” We will have to see if the production agrees to this request from the little sisters.

On the other hand, at the gala last Sunday, Lucila Villar It was eliminated from the reality show by 65.38% of the votes. So things, this Monday The Torah sat in front of Santiago del Moro and the analysts of the program in the Debate, where she was moved to see her passing through the house and assured that she was ready for the rematch.

La Tora left the Big Brother house in the last elimination gala on Sunday
La Tora left the Big Brother house in the last elimination gala on Sunday

“I’m fine, calm down. But with the desire for revenge now, I swear I do “, was the first thing the young woman from Berazategui said to the driver of the cycle. And when he asked her why she thought that she had been the one chosen by the public to leave the house, she replied: “Because of honesty and manners. I know that often shocks that. But I still prefer to have this way of being, to go to the bull, than to face it “.

As she explained, for her this was what played against her in reality. “The shocking honesty and the fact that she defends some very strong positions, I think she upset that,” Torah said. And she could not help crying when she saw some fragments of her moments at home, especially when she argued with Walter Alfa Santiago over his comments towards Constanza Coti Romero, which she defined as “harassment”. “Nice memories, very strong,” she remarked.

At that time, del Moro asked him if at any time he had felt that the house had won him over because of his temperament. “No, because when I needed help I asked for it. They gave it to me. I always knew it was a game, I always knew about the cameras, the microphones, the outside… So, I don’t feel like I’ve won. If not, I don’t think I wanted to go back in either, ”said Lucila.

Finally, he referred to his strong confrontation with Alfa: “The joke was not a joke. That will never be a joke. If a girl tells you: ‘No, stop’, stop, because it’s not no. And I’m going to discuss that with whoever she is and whatever. Those things in 2022 are no longer jokes. And if someone tells you to stop, stop.”

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