Blue dollar, dollar today: minute by minute of the price this Tuesday, November 22

The President arrived at Casa Rosada this morning after having rested for the last four days due to erosive gastritis that he was diagnosed with during his last tour of Europe and Asia.

The MEP dollaralso known as “Bolsa”, appears on screens through $317.09. In this way, the currency is positioned $3.30 above the previous session (1.2 percent).

For his part, he dollar counted with liquidation (CCL) falls 0.5 percent and trades at $330.71.

The Parallel US Currency added $1. In this way, quote $307 for the sale Y $303 for the purchase.

The services of streaming from foreign suppliers (such as Netflix, HBO, Spotify Y Amazon Prime) are part of the quota of US$300, so the value of the currency that will be paid for this will depend on the final amount of consumption for the month.

The parallel market dollar it is trading at $308 for sale and $302 for purchase in this northern province of the country.

The value of blue in TucumánCourtesy Ministry of Culture of the Nation

Planting crops that most Dollars generated is, for now, the lowest in the last 22 years. According to a report from theto the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR), the hectares actually planted with soybeans and corn are 40 percent below what was done in the past cycle. The situation responds to the lack of sufficient humidity in the batches due to the drought.

In both provinces, the informal us currency is trading at $310 for the sale and $303 for the purchase.

The value of the dollar in Córdoba
The value of the dollar in CórdobaXavier Martin

A resolution of Central Bank (BCRA) provided that people who have signed up through official channels to maintain the state subsidy will not be able to access the purchase of dollars. For this reason, those who wish to have the possibility of buying dollars must renounce the water subsidy through simple management, through a online form and following this step by step:

After yesterday’s holiday, the parallel us currency opened the exchange round at $306 for sale. In this way, the currency operates at the same worth closing than last Friday.

The pesos can be dollarized indirectly through the purchase of Argentine Certificates of Depositsbetter known as cedears. They are a representation of the shares of the world’s largest companies such as Disney, Apple and Coca-Cola that are paid in pesos, but are tied to the market price. dollar CCL.

The bitcoin dollar, also called crypto dollar or stablecoin (considered that way because of its parity with the dollar), its value fell. Now, on the Ripio platform you can buy DAI at $331.47.

The new one was launched exchange rate that makes more expensive consumption abroad that exceeds a limit of US$300 per month with credit and debit cards, known as Qatari dollar. Although this quote has been in force since mid-October, it had yet to be made operational for users with more than one card from different banks. To know the value of the Qatar dollar, you must add 30 percent of the official exchange rate to the COUNTRY tax, 45 percent on account of Profits and 25 percent on account of Personal property.

How does the Qatar dollar work?
How does the Qatar dollar work?Shutterstock

After a long weekend, the retail dollar, which is controlled by Central Bank (BCRA), opened the day at $161.75 to buy and $169.75 to sell on the blackboard of the National Bank, 50 cents above Friday’s closing values. On the other hand, the risk country it remains at 2427 basis points.

The official dollar value
The official dollar valueShutterstock

They will be able to receive the food reinforcement for people without income of $45,000 who do not have a registered job, and for this they must register: a process that will be in force throughout November. Once you score, the Anses will evaluate the situation of the applicant to see whether or not the benefit. In this sense, it should be noted that the applicant for the bonus does not have to receive any of the following assists:

Nor can have registered in your name vehicles that are less than 10 years old, real estate, credit and/or debit card consumption in the last 2 months, fixed terms and bonuses in the last six months, accreditation in bank accounts in the last 2 months, purchases in foreign currency in the last six months, or social or prepaid work.

Enrollment for the food booster is $45,000 for adults with no income
Enrollment for the food booster is $45,000 for adults with no income

The Director General of Customs, William Michel, announced last week that the pymes may bring spare parts for up to US$3,000 in up to five vessels per year under the “Courier Regime”, the shipping system that allows small and medium businessmen to purchase products abroad and receive them at home.

The influencers American Mía Andrade visited Buenos Aires and published, through her TikTok account, a video in which He showed everything that was purchased during his stay. Immediately, it generated a wave of comments from users who criticized it for making fun of the economic situation of Argentina. in dialogue with THE NATION, The tiktoker clarified that at no time was it taken as a joke andl inflationary context from the country.

A foreigner visited Buenos Aires and showed everything that can be bought in one day

The basic food basket (CBA), which is the reference to measure the indigence, increased 9.5 percent in October, well above inflation of 6.3 percent for the month and the rise in food that stood at 6.2 percent. In turn, the total basic basket (CBT), which is used as a reference to establish the poverty Index, increased 9 percent in October, also above inflation.

Like inflation, construction costs They don’t slow down. After a significant increase in September, they increased again in October, 6.8 percent, with which they have already accumulated a rise of 71.2 percent in the first ten months of the year. Compared to the same month last year, they showed a growth of 77.6 percent. As reported by National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), by posting the Construction Cost Index (ICC), This result is due to a 5.9 percent rise in the “Materials” chapter; of 7.8 percent in which to calculate the value of “Manpower” and 6.9 percent in the chapter “General expenses”.

Materials and labor boosted the cost of construction in October
Materials and labor boosted the cost of construction in October

The illusion of going towards a somewhat more balanced official exchange market in the remainder of the month, so that the Central Bank (BCRA) can dose the loss of reserves, suffered a severe blow last Friday when the entity had to contribute some US$50 million to the market, a figure that multiplies by 5.88 times the US$8.5 million repurchased with great effort in the preceding 48 hours . Thus, the institution that leads Miguel Pesce extended to four weeks of its new cycle of loss of reserves in this way.

The Central sold reserves again
The Central sold reserves againFile, Archive

The parallel us currency closed last Friday at $302 to buy and $306 to sell.

is the badge controlled by the Central Bank (BCRA), which has two channels, retailer and wholesaler. The retail is the reference exchange rate, which is taken as the basis for calculating other market prices. The wholesaler, on the other hand, is the quotation of reference in the foreign market.

What will the new soybean dollar look like?
What will the new soybean dollar look like?

In the Government They have already decided to issue a decree establishing a new soybean dollar next week. The tool, which had been used during the month of September and served to raise more than US$8,000 million, will be used again to promote the export of soybeans and their derivatives. It is estimated that this soybean dollar will be available from December. Still under analysis, this new edition of the soybean dollar could be located between $215 and $225.

Today the qatar dollar is positioned as the quotation highest in the exchange market. Above $338, its price is explained by a 100 percent tax burden, an attempt by the Government to stop the foreign exchange outflow through Argentines traveling outside the country. However, when paying the statement of the credit carddetails appear that make the cost more expensive final price even more. More information in this note from Melisa Reinhold for THE NATION.

The price of the Qatar dollar is based on the value of the official retail exchange rate, plus 30% PAIS tax, 45% on account of Earnings and 25% of Personal Assets
The price of the Qatar dollar is based on the value of the official retail exchange rate, plus 30% PAIS tax, 45% on account of Earnings and 25% of Personal AssetsShutterstock

On the screens of National Bankthe official dollar closed the day of Friday, November 18 at $162.04 in its purchase value and $170.03 in its sale value.


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