Not dieting, meditating, spending time in nature… Ana de Armas’s tricks to take care of your well-being

the escalation of Ana de Armas In the film industry, she has multiplied her appearances, interviews, advertising commitments… Her pace of life has accelerated, but she continues to stay in the line of Balance that allows you to enjoy everything you are experiencing without stress. How do you get it? Care of your well-being. Through various interviews we have noticed that Ana de Armas has been acquiring over time a series of well-being habits that she never abandons, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Ana de Armas and her healthy diet

“In general, I do everything that makes me happy in life, and food makes me very happy!” confessed to People magazine. This means that the actress cannot restrict food, that she is not capable of adhering to a system that limits her options to enjoy one of the practices that she likes the most: eating. For Ana de Armas, food is more than essential fuel for her body, it is a form of personal enjoyment that she is not willing to limit. Does that mean you eat any kind of food? Obviously not. She eats healthily, but if she feels like eating Cuban rice with beans and fried egg (which she loves) she will eat it without any qualms.

mindfulness and meditation, the customs of ana de armas

Converting these two tools into customs is not easy, but it is very beneficial. through small gestures, habits and tricks, manages to maintain concentration in the present moment, avoiding stress and interference in its objective: maintaining emotional and mental balance. Thus, every night he takes a bath before going to bed. A time where she eliminates all interference (no mobile phones nearby) and creates an ideal environment to enjoy the temperature of the water, the perfume of the soaps she uses and the stillness of silence with herself. “I’ve made it part of my daily routine to take a hot bath every day with my salt, soap and a bath bomb. Even if I’m in a hurry, I just make sure I’m in there for 15 or 20 minutes. I don’t want to skip it,” he confessed to glamor magazine.

Just as he ends his days, he begins them. Ana de Armas flees from rushing, from the mental outrage that many people experience when they open their eyes and get confused thinking about everything they have to do. In her understanding, awakening is a space to be self-aware. “I have learned over the years to enjoy the morning and use it to really take care of myself. What you do in the morning is your ritual, at your pace and time. All of those things help me to wake up and find out how I feel that day”, he confessed to the American version of Vogue. A form of mindfulness, but also meditation, a practice that she admits helps a lot in her well-being. “I think we are all forced to examine what we really like and what makes us happy on our own. How do you stay inspired? How do you stay happy? I have found it with meditation and actual phone calls. I like to listen to people instead of texting,” she told Natural Diamonds.

breathe in nature

His philosophy of life leads him to admire the animals and natural spaces a lot. In fact, the few images that the actress shares of her personal life on social networks show an Ana de Armas in love with her pets or lost in some corner of nature (be it beach or mountain). Both situations, in fact, go hand in hand on many occasions, with long walks with your dog on the beach or in the mountains.

These moments are a very effective form of disconnection that drive away anxiety and facilitate the practice of mindfulness that is part of the actress’s life. And, as if that were not enough, they are activities that encourage Ana de Armas to maintain her rhythm of physical movement constant, introducing the variable of diversification of physical activity.

Sports, yes. The more, and funnier, the better.

In her role as a bond girl, she proved to be in shape in front of and behind the screen. Her physical form is another inescapable guarantee. But the main guarantee that Ana de Armas is a sports enthusiast is her declared love for any sport. Boxing, pilates, fitness, spinning… even shooting: “On weekends I go to the shooting range and practice shooting with the firearms that I have to use in the movie. I really enjoy it”, confessed the actress. “Exercise makes me happy, but it has to be fun. I do something different every day, boxing one day, spinning or weight training the next, so I don’t get bored,” she told People magazine. Among her favorite disciplines is Pilates, a workout that, in addition to keeping her in shape, allows her to connect with herself following the line of mindfulness that governs her lifestyle. Her problem is that it is difficult for her to find time and spaces to practice them when she is filming.

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