Wake up and smell the coffee: Lidl has you covered

If there is an expert supermarket in the home innovationthis is without a doubt lidlwhich has set out to change the lives of its clients and, specifically, to turn one of the most common customs in Spanish homes upside down: morning coffee. And it is that the new invention of the German chain is designed for all those people who cannot start the day without a good hot coffee. It is a state of the art coffee maker which, thanks to a thermal glass, prevents the coffee from getting cold. A small appliance that is causing a real revolution.

And it is that coffee is essential for millions of citizens every day, especially in the morning. Some even say that “they are not a person” until they drink a coffee. As well, This coffee maker from Lidlwhich is on a discount these days, is not only capable of preparing good coffee, but also keeps it warme so that you can take it to the street and, in addition, you can schedule it in advance so that your dose of caffeine is ready at the time you want. It is not strange that is flying both in the physical store and on the Lidl websitebecause its price does not reach 25 euros.

The Lidl thermos coffee maker that coffee lovers need to have at home

This successful appliance is the BEEM individual filter coffee maker with thermos, with a power of 750 W and perfect for preparing incredible coffees every morning to leave home with the greatest energy and happy to enjoy this delicious drink as if it were prepared for you in your favorite coffee shop. It is perfect for you if you like the Instantly hot, freshly brewed smooth coffeealthough it takes a while to serve it since you do it, since being thermos maintains the temperature until you are going to drink it. Its use is comfortable and simple, very intuitive, so you will find it very practical and you will love using it every day.

Have a permanent filter, which is undoubtedly fantastic since it will prevent you from having to change it every time you use it. The coffee maker has a 0.4 liter water tankwhile the thermos cup admits a 420 ml drink. It also has pdigital control panel with lighting and with a 24-hour timer, among other details. As for its measurements, they are 13.5 x 18.5 x 28.5 cm, with a weight of 1.1 kg. The materials used for the manufacture of this ccompact coffee maker with thermos from Lidl They are steel and plastic, and to use it it is essential to connect it to the electrical network.

Can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance

For those who run the most in the morning, the system of this product has the option of schedule its operation 24 hours before. It is possible to leave the brewed coffee mixture the night before to find fresh coffee the next day before running out the door. It can be programmed from the small LC screen that lights up and is located at the base of the coffee maker and the buttons that it integrates on the sides. This is how the time is adjusted on the coffee maker’s clock so that it gets to work, all that remains is to include the coffee in the filter.


Unlike capsule coffee machines, which generate more waste that is difficult to process, the Beem coffee maker opts for a reusable and easy-to-clean filter where the ground coffee is poured. Thus, each user can use his own coffee mix and clean the filter quickly after each cup. The German supermarket chain offers this coffee maker with a 28% discount with which you will save 10 euros, going from its price of 34.99 euros to just €24.99. Without a doubt, an opportunity that you should not miss.

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