Turning a cult into a business to earn money is one of the craziest and most addictive proposals I’ve seen in a video game – Honey, I Joined a Cult – 3dgames

In the absence of similar experiences, in a very short time we are seeing the appearance of several video games dedicated to the sect management. Don’t ask me why, but the fact is that they have caught my attention personally (and they are fun, which is what counts). If a few months ago I told you about the outstanding Cult of the Lambtoday I come to bring you another option that is much more strategic and leisurely, but that I also consider to be quite worthwhile.

Is about Honey, I Joined a Culta production indie The first thing that surprised me is that it was made by only two people. So you shouldn’t expect something on the scale of, say, the formidable Prison Architect (which was also quite an independent creation). What I want to tell you is that this is not so ambitious, because it is limited to creating a few rooms, attracting a limited number of followers, ensuring that everyone is more or less happy and, above all, make lots of money. Because although faith is the most important thing -at least from the outside- in this life it is not possible to prosper without the necessary funds to, as in this case, make your own sect grow.

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The core gameplay of Honey, I Joined a Cult is creating your own cult base, and that’s a big part of the fun. I perfectly remember when I spent hours creating a dream house in The Simsor planning my military units in detail in Command & Conquer. If you are that type of user, here you have a good handful of objects with which to customize everything one hundred percent. In fact, one of the biggest claims of this title is give rise to a single sectand that is also the reason why it is so replayable, because each game is different from the last.

So I spent no time building my base walls, putting in doors to connect the rooms, and of course deciding which room went where. Here the bedroom, there the kitchen, on the other side the bathroom… and of course in a privileged place the sermon center and other enclaves such as a research office, recruitment office and a long etcetera. Each room has its function, crucial to advance in a game where the good thing is that the followers (here called “guachis”) are managed by an AI.

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And I don’t want this to be misunderstood, but if you had to manage each guachi individually, this would be lifeless. You have enough to manage your economy and prevent them from mutiny anti-cult protesters in front of your house (which can happen). In fact, the first time I played the game, I began to attract the attention of society because I sent my followers on unethical missions, and some even died from a poor diet. So it’s a game where you need to make sure all the gears are working. As a good strategic management title that it is, it perfectly fulfills its mission.

An unpretentious indie, but with a good sense of humor in its approach and a more than decent production

What is your biggest drawback? Well, when you already have more or less all the rooms active and have unlocked almost all the features, the game falls apart and becomes less intense, more monotonous. In the options menu there is an option to raise or lower the difficulty level, controlling specific aspects such as the rate at which you generate money, faith, influence… and all those things that allow you to move forward. However, I consider that in this case it is a somewhat unnatural solution, which starts from the problem that the default game is unbalanced.

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With this I want to tell you that Honey, I Joined a Cult is an interesting game, but irregular. It has a lot of options, with statistics to bore in each of our faithful, which we can decide whether to recruit or not at a certain moment. It also offers the option for your sect to follow a certain path, and even determine what its members will do at each hour of the day, be it sleeping, working or having some free time. Therefore, complexity is not lacking. However, there comes a time when it seems as if the tap has been turned off, as if the game is running out and doesn’t have as much to offer. The pace drops, and that is for me its biggest flaw.

It’s fun? Quite. Is it addictive? For a while. Is it original? Long story. For this reason, and because it is visually charming, with a clear and quite nice menu designI can only encourage you to try it. It is a low-scale indie, without great pretensions, but with a good sense of humor in its approach and a more than decent performance. Experiments like this are appreciated, and more so if they have so much addictive power (while it lasts, of course).

Honey, I Joined a Cult offers an addictive cult, with fun and a strategic management approach loaded with options, although not enough to pose a playable scheme that is durable and replayable enough. Even so, if you value its approach so how and original, in that there are no other games of the style, you can consider playing it, since it provides a satisfactory experience.

Buy Honey, I Joined a Cult

  • Original and addictive gameplay, based on the management of your own sect.

  • .Lots of customization and build options to create a unique organization.

  • Pleasant both for the humor of its proposal, and for its correct audiovisual finish.

  • The default difficulty is not well balanced, although there are options to regulate it.

  • It can become monotonous after a few hours of play, due to its limited scale.

Players: 1

Language: Texts in Spanish

Duration: Incalculable

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