Apple ends internal development of realityOS and prepares its own metaverse, according to Gurman

Can you imagine a future in which the physical world and the virtual world are strongly intertwined? You could, for example, live the concert of your favorite artist, visit a clothing store or attend a work meeting without leaving home. Many companies believe that this will be the next evolutionary leap of the internet and, not to be left out of what could become a multi-million dollar business, they have started to create their own virtual ecosystems.

As you probably know, Meta is one of the companies that is devoting the most resources to this idea, even though this decision is causing complex financial mess. Apple is another of the companies that, according to rumors and leaks, is also spending millions of dollars developing its own virtual ecosystem. According to Mark Gurman, those from Cupertino could soon surprise us with the first tangible results of their latest work.

‘Metaverse’ for Meta, ‘Reality’ for Apple

Although Meta and Apple, in general terms, they seem to be pointing in the same direction in relation to virtual ecosystems, each one is doing things in its own way. In the case of the parent company of Facebook, we are witnessing live its commitment to the “Metaverse” and all the challenges it has had to face since it changed its name. A project that has been a money-burning machine and needs devices with technology that doesn’t exist yet.

In the case of the creators of the iPhone at the moment they refuse to use the term “Metaverse”, so instead they could opt for an alternative with its own identity such as “Reality”. And, in relation to the development of this project, they would be doing everything possible to keep it secret. Although, in the world we live in, this is becoming increasingly difficult for them. Precisely, the appearance of new job offers helps us to learn more about your most recent plan.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is expanding the team, internally called the Technology Development Group (TDG), in charge of the development of its new virtual ecosystem. Those in Cupertino are looking for a software producer with experience in visual effects and gaming workflows who can create digital content for AR and VR environments. It is also looking to create a video service for its mixed reality headset.

Additionally, the job postings include “a software engineer working on the App Intents framework.” This professional will be in charge of designing and implementing solutions that are used by Siri, Search and more. Although the operating system is not mentioned, Gurman believes that it is realityOS, whose internal development he assures has finished. In this sense, it should be available for the launch of the first mixed reality glasses sometime in 2023.

In relation to this device, we would be in front of a high-end proposal of between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars that would include an M2 chip possibly called “Reality Pro” or “Reality One”. It would be a pair of mixed reality glasses equivalent to the Quest Pro from Meta that would target developers. In other words, a tool that companies should buy to start developing applications for Apple’s incipient virtual world that will compete with the Metaverse.

Regarding the latter, job offers also tell us something else. Gurman points out that one of them specifically mentions the development of a 3D mixed reality world. This suggests, according to the Bloomberg analyst, that those from Cupertino are promoting their own Metaverse, although, as we pointed out above, the company would not use that name Apple, in addition, it has made several additions to its mixed reality teams in recent months.

The metaverse's big problem isn't Meta, it's not even Mark Zuckerberg.  It's the dizziness

As we have seen, Apple’s plans are beginning to be revealed and, as the supposed launch of its mixed reality glasses approaches, it is increasingly difficult to keep them secret. It’s time to wait until next year to see the Cupertino’s first bet and if he will fight a duel with those who are making Meta. Let’s not forget that the latter recently partnered with Microsoft to improve their commitment to productivity.

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