Experts in medicine and engineering discuss the connection between university, industry and clinical field – | 09/29/2022 09:36

The Official Association of Technical Telecommunications Engineers (COITT-AEITT) has held in Madrid the conference “Contribution of Engineering to Medicine in the 21st Century”. Telecommunications technical engineers, representatives of companies in the biomedical sector, directors of engineering schools and university students, have shared this meeting organized by the school, with the purpose of analyzing and debating the contributions of engineering to medicine, as well as the challenges and opportunities that arise in this area.

The event, which has been broadcast via streaming, inaugurates the II COITT High Frequency Cycle. A format that aims to create a meeting point in which to discuss current issues and professional interest, and mark the challenges and future prospects of telecommunications technical engineers, from the hand of expert voices. Likewise, it aims to make visible and position the work of these professionals, in all those digital progresses necessary for the digital transformation of our country.

Specifically, this first session has focused on the contribution of engineering applied to medicine, to which more than 3,000 professionals in our country are dedicated, who carry out their work in a thousand companies. A sector that is also among those that generate the most startups each year. The event was opened by Enrique Carrascal, member of the COITT Board of Directors, who highlighted the college’s mission with this initiative: “It is essential to show companies the talent trained by universities, and in turn, enable that professional careers of interest are generated, in a sector hyper developed in infrastructures, but that needs more applications and professionals”. Next, Javier Colás, coordinator of the event, Pdte. de Additum, and Director of Innovation at the Esade Health Institute, has underlined the current relevance of medical engineering in the diagnostic and therapeutic area. Looking to the future, Colás has highlighted “two emerging areas related to medicine and telecommunications: the sustainability of the national health system, and the reduction of the climate footprint in the health sector”.

Then, speakers from leading companies in biomedicine, have provided their views on the reality of the sector in Spain, and the possibilities it offers to engineering. Experts have agreed that technology is constantly growing, becoming more complex, and generating greater risk, but it also creates more opportunities for engineering in the field of medicine. Each speaker has taken a tour of biomedical advances and developments, to delve into the challenges that arise in the short term. Among others, they pointed out the growing demand for professionals in the technology market, and discussed the importance of connecting and intensifying the relationship between the university, industry and the clinical field.

The first table was formed by Ignacio Arnott, Strategic Account Manager of Siemens Healthineers; Agustín Montes, Director of Strategic Projects at GE Healthcare Spain; and Sergio Muñoz, Director of Innovation, Digital Health and Emerging Technologies, and Coord. of the Spanish Platform for Innovation in Health Technology (FENIN). In the second part of the day, Javier Mazo, MR Modality Sales Specialist of Philips Ibérica, SAU; Cielo Alejandra Velásquez, Health Policy & Government Affairs Specialist; and Eduardo Juárez, professor at the ETSIT of the UPM and Deputy Director of the CITSEM.

At the closing ceremony, Mario Cortés, dean of the COITT, highlighted “the contribution of telecommunications technical engineers in the search for solutions to improve people’s quality of life, with the help of technology”. Just as he has encouraged the attending students, “to follow their vocation and take advantage of the advantages offered by the school for the requalification of engineers, through the help of the experts of the entity itself, or agreements with universities. Focused support, both for recent graduates and professionals who wish to change sectors or complete their training in some area”. The event was also attended by COITT, the member of the Board of Directors, Eladio Gutiérrez, the person in charge of Institutional Relations, Susana Escobedo; and José Ángel Hernández Armas, member of COITTCAN.

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