Microsoft tests rounded taskbar edges, a new shutdown menu and more in Windows 11

In two months, Windows 11 will be on the market for one year, but the development of many parts of this operating system It’s not over yet. An example of this are the numerous changes that Microsoft has been applying since its launch, and all those that are yet to come.

The development builds of Windows 11 give us a sneak peek at features that could come to everyone in the future. With the release of build 25174, some users on the Dev Channel have discovered new features in the taskbar, new widgets, and more. Let’s see.

Taskbar with rounded corners?

Let’s start with one of the most unique changes that Microsoft would be contemplating. Reddit member u/caipira113 shared with the Windows Insider community on that social network a series of screenshots and a video showing a taskbar with rounded corners.

One of the novelties of Windows 11 was precisely the dismissal of the straight edges of the windows that are not maximized, but bringing that concept to the taskbar is probably something that many would not have even imagined, but it seems that those of Redmond Yes.

The user explains that this feature appeared from one moment to another in your compilation, survived a video driver update, but disappeared after restarting Windows Explorer. Apparently it is one of the many functions that Microsoft is testing.

A few weeks ago, the Redmond guys were also testing an overflow feature in the taskbar. An advantage for those who work with many applications simultaneously that made three dots appear in the right corner. Tapping there brought up the other open apps.

New shutdown dialog

Windows 11 users have several possibilities to shut down the computer. They can press the physical button on the PC or laptop, click the button with the off symbol in the Start Menu, or use the key combination Alt + F4. The latter could change.

Shutdown Windows 11 2

Shutdown Windows 11

Since the days of Windows 7, when you pressed Alt + F4, a dialog box with the Windows logo and a computer icon appeared, as well as a drop-down menu with the options to Shut down, Hibernate, Sleep. Now, those from Redmond would bet on minimalism.

According to Windows Latest, there are two possible layouts. As we can see in the images, both alternatives eliminate the Windows logo and the computer icon and focus exclusively on functionality. One has a standard design and the other bets on the Mica material.

Xbox Game Pass widget on Windows 11

Microsoft is making its Xbox Game Pass service one of the most attractive proposals on the market, and one of the keys to achieving it is that it is not only available on consoles. We already know that we can play on PC, in the cloud and a family plan is being tested.

Xgp Widget Windows 11L

And now, in its integration with Windows, those from Redmond are testing a minor change, but a change nonetheless. Is about a widget that will display the latest games added to the librarysoon to be released, and other featured categories in the Windows 11 Start Menu.

It should be noted that the features or functions that Microsoft tests in the development channels do not necessarily make it to the final version of Windows 11. However, they are used for users who have these versions to provide feedback and help the development of the operating system.

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What is clear is that many more changes are to come. And let’s remember that we could also be facing a change in the operating system update cycle, which would make a new version appear every three years. We have to wait to see its evolution.

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