Jaime Bayly was harshly criticized after the death of Diego Bertie after they revived their stormy relationship

The diego bertie deathwho fell from a 14th floor during the early hours of this Friday, generated all kinds of speculation. While the Peruvian authorities determine if the actor threw himself voluntarily or suffered an accident, many users on social networks recalled the artist’s bond with Jaime Bayly.

A few weeks ago, during an interview with Magaly Medina, Diego Bertie announced his return to music while confirming his homosexuality. Although the actor’s sexuality had been discussed for a long time, he always chose to keep his private life away from the media.

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Another issue that was discussed during the report was the alleged affair that Bertie had with Jaime Bayly in the past. After many years of keeping silent on the subject, the singer confirmed that he spent time with the renowned journalist.

The secret relationship between Jaime Bayly and Diego Bertie

The hidden romance between Jaime Bayly and Diego Bertie was confirmed several decades after it came to an end. “Yes, I was a friend of Jaime Bayly. We had a short, failed relationship, it was not a relevant relationship. The relevant thing was what he did with me, ”said the actor himself some time ago.

Clearly outraged by the attitude of the interviewer when publishing his book Do not tell anybodyin 1994, added: “He wrote books, aired my privacy, exposed things that I had the right to expose whenever I wanted. and at the time I wanted, he exposed me and violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career and did me a lot of damage.

Diego Bertie died at the age of 54 (Photo: Instagram / diegobertieb).

Trying to forget what happened assured that now he was a free person, happy and without any roll: “I don’t hold a grudge against him. I see it a little fat and swollen. The one who believed himself to be the standard-bearer for gays is now the most bourgeois: married, with children, and with a big belly.” He even said that his daughter has known that she is gay since she was 6 years old.

At the interview, he was happy to be able to talk about his sexuality: “The closet that he wanted to force me out of, I took it out many years ago. I am a free person with the possibility of falling in love. I am what I am and I don’t need excuses, because I don’t have the need to define ‘I am this’”.

Regarding the possibility of living freely, he pointed out that it was not simple: “You have to deal with reality and with lifeand that sometimes hits, because we do not live in an easy or open-minded country”.

Jaime Bayly is a renowned Peruvian journalist and host (Photo: Instagram / baylytvoficial).
Jaime Bayly is a renowned Peruvian journalist and host (Photo: Instagram / baylytvoficial).

Diego Bertie’s followers harshly criticized Jaime Bayly

After Bertie’s death became known, many users left Jaime Bayly terrible messages on his official accounts. While some criticized him harshly for writing a book in which he exposed Diego, others commented that It had been too long to judge.

Jaime Bayly posted "Do not tell anybody" in 1994 (Photo: Capture).
Jaime Bayly published “Don’t tell anyone” in 1994 (Photo: Capture).

The book Do not tell anybodypublished in 1994, tells the story of Joaquín Camino, a young gay man who must fight against his desires because he belongs to a conservative family. After being published, many detected that it was an autobiographical novel.

One of the novel’s characters, Gonzalo Guzmán, an actor from Lima who began an affair with the protagonist, was automatically related to Bertie. The chapter entitled “The actor” tells how both they had a passionate relationship behind their girlfriends’ backs and the world, which considered them heterosexual.

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