The first images of the return of Married with Children: “Los Argento are back”

The first images of the cast of Married with Children working on their return (Video: Twitter)

The return of Married with kids is getting closer and expectations are getting higher. is that the fans looking forward to January 2023moment in which the play of the Argentine version of the sitcom will be released, which will feature almost all of its original cast.

To add more excitement to this comeback, Florencia Peña shared a short video on her Twitter account in which she is seen with Guillermo Francella, Darío Lopilato and Marcelo de Bellis recalling some of the classic dialogues with which his characters aroused the laughter of crowds.

Along with emojis of theater masks and the hashtag #MarriedWithChildren, Flor wrote: “Starting the engines… We are already recording the radio spots! And trying to remember what it was like… The Argentos are back”.

The original cast of the Argentine version of Married with Children. Now they return, but to the theater and without Érica Rivas

Likewise, for those who are awaiting this return, Peña announced: “In days tickets go on sale!!! What if we do a raffle?. And he closed with capital letters, to reaffirm the news: “JANUARY 2023 – GRAN REX THEATER”.

In the video, Peña and Francella are first seen inside a recording studio and in front of the same microphone. She, very involved in the role of Moni Argento and singing in his own way. Next to her, Francella playing Pepe, points to her: “Very good, Moni. How did you improve, if you continue like this you will sing in…”, he begins to say, but the actor goes out of role for a second and is interrupted. “Wow, what an asshole…”, he says before a furcio, causing an inevitable burst of laughter in Peña.

Later, Guillermo is seen having trouble with the microphone cable and suggesting that an assistant cut it. More laughs from Florencia, a sign that the chemistry between them and their characters is still intact.

Guillermo Francella and Florencia Peña working on the return of Married with Children
Guillermo Francella and Florencia Peña working on the return of Married with Children

The image cuts and the scene changes. are also added Marcellus de Bellis (Dart Fuseneco) and Dario Lopilato (Coqui Argento). Florencia, tempted by laughter, tells Marcelo: “We are about to record the spot, remembering characters”. “We’re intact, huh,” he says. “Well, not so intact…” Peña repairs. “I say vocally”, Marcelo corrects himself. “Hit but not sunk!” Flor celebrates in reference to the naval battle game.

“And yes, Coqui is already…”, points out de Bellis and points to Lopilato, who defends himself. “I don’t get the ‘papuchooo’”, he says in reference to one of his classic hoses. “Let’s see, say ‘papuchooo’”, asks Florencia. Darío does so and receives the immediate approval of whoever represents Dardo. “It comes out, you did the same!”, exclaimed Marcelo and Lopilato celebrates with a little shout, as if Coqui did it.

Let’s see if the ‘coffee’ comes out for me”, Florence said afterwards, about an indelible line from Moni. And she also replicates it as before, when the program was broadcast back in 2005 and 2006, achieving an overwhelming success that is remembered to this day.

To close, the camera points towards Guillermo Francella, so that he does one of Pepe’s graces. And he dismisses himself with a mumbled insult, as classic for the head of the Argento family as for the actor himself throughout his career. He awakens the loud laughter of his companions, looks at the camera and says goodbye with a kiss that he throws to the fans of the program, who are ready to enjoy this return..


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