Google Chrome is slow: 4 recommendations to fix it

How to fix Google Chrome when it gets slow?

Currently, the biggest problem with web browsersnot only with Chrome but with all those that exist, is that consume a lot of resources and memory of the computer, which means that by opening a few windows and downloading some necessary extensions, the user could begin to feel slow in the application.

However, at least in the case of Chrome, there are some solutions that can be applied to the computer so that it works normally again.

On the other hand, it is a reality that Google has made updates to its web browser to reduce memory consumptionfor example, you can suspend the tabs that are not open or in use, so that they are not kept loaded and spending memory.

But if you have a somewhat old computerit is likely that these new facilities of the technology company are in vain and Chrome continues to run somewhat slowly.

It is no secret to anyone that the most complete and efficient web search engine is Google’s and for this reason, it is useful to use Chrome, since it is directly linked and you do not have to enter the Google domain each time you make a query. Therefore, uninstalling it is not an option, it is better to take into account the following recommendations on the computer.

When this browser is first downloaded, its operation in the background is activated on the computer by default, this is so that the program loads faster and just by clicking on the icon it opens in a matter of milliseconds.

Nevertheless, this function on a somewhat obsolete device can be counterproductive, because in itself its speed will not be the best.

These are the steps to prevent the program processes from continuing to load on the computer when you close the Chrome window.

1. Open the browser and go to the settings menu.

2. Next, enter the section indicated as “System” which is accompanied by a wrench icon to tighten.

3. Click on the option that says “Keep running apps in the background when I close Google Chrome” and then disable it.

This is a function that is not as well known but that is of great help to speed up the browser’s user experience, since instead of making full use of the computer’s processor, it uses the much more powerful graphics card to work. Activating this option is very easy and is located in the same section of “System” of Google Chrome.

What do you do when Google Chrome won't open?
What do you do when Google Chrome won’t open?

The extensions have been very well received by users, as they allow them to add extra tools and functions to the browser, however the more extensions you have installed, the longer Chrome takes to open, as it will need much more memory and processor to work, thus slowing down its operation.

A recommendation that can positively change the performance of a computer that is not exactly powerful is to uninstall as many extensions as possible so that the program no longer needs to use so many resources.

This may be the most extreme measure in case you continue to experience browser issues and none of the above solutions work, too. the possibility may arise that the error is in the user profile, so it will be necessary to reset the browser to eliminate possible failures.

This is done from the Google Chrome settings, and it formats the web application, so you will have to log in again for all the account data to be loaded and synchronized again.


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