After his hospitalization, Alejandro Stoessel published a tender photo with his daughter Tini

Alejandro Stoessel published a photo hugging his daughter, Tini

Alexander Stoessel published on his social networks a postcard accompanied by his daughter, Tiny. The producer is in better health, fully recovered after having been hospitalized twice in the La Trinidad Sanatorium in the Palermo neighborhood. His family was by his side throughout this delicate moment.

it all started early last March when Stoessel suffered abdominal bleeding. Due to the seriousness of his condition, he had to undergo surgery twice in the first 48 hours and then, as his condition did not improve, he underwent surgery again. Later he began to show good signs, stopped receiving mechanical ventilation and began to feed orally.

After spending almost a month in the La Trinidad Sanatorium, Alexander Stoessel He was discharged and was able to return home to continue his recovery on an outpatient basis. The good news was confirmed by a medical report by the clinic authorities.

The statement signed by Dr. Silvina SerraMedical Director of the hospital, says the following: “The Trinidad Palermo Sanatorium communicates that on the date Mr. Alejandro Stoessel was discharged, having to continue outpatient medical follow-up. The family appreciates the solidarity of the people and the concern of the media.”

Then, it was the same producer who spoke from his Twitter account. “Thanks to all the professionals at the Trinidad Palermo Sanatorium. ¡I just got a second chance! Eternally grateful. To my family, without you I would not have made it. Thank you!”.

Alejandro Stoessel accompanied by his wife Mariana and their children, Tini and Fran
Alejandro Stoessel accompanied by his wife Mariana and their children, Tini and Fran

In the midst of this context, the singer turned 25 and dedicated an emotional post to her father. “The best gift is you, pa, that you are here with us. You are the strongest, warrior and incredible person I have ever met. We still have many things to live together. Here we continue, more united than ever”, he had written on his Instagram account, sharing his feelings with his millions of followers.

Tini even decided to postpone the presentations he had planned at the Palermo Hippodrome for the health of the producer. “I have to tell you with great pain that my dad has been in intensive care for eight days fighting to get ahead and needs the family more than ever close to him,” she wrote on the social network.

“My head, body and heart can’t focus on anything other than being here for him. We had been dreaming and preparing the Hippodrome shows together for a long time. He more than anyone wants him to do them, that’s why we made the decision to postpone them until the end of May, from May 20 to 28, with the faith that he will recover and be back in the front row as always “, the young woman announced.

In June, Alejandro had a second hospitalization. According to the medical report released by the La Trinidad Sanatorium in Palermo, signed by the medical director, Dr. Silvina Serra, the producer “entered on a scheduled basis to undergo surgery related to his previous hospitalization.” In addition, it was specified that he is in post-operative recovery. And it concludes with a message from the Stoessels: “The family appreciates the solidarity of the people and the concern of the media.”


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