Gustavo Villegas, pianist from Memphis La Blusera, died

Gustavo Villegas, pianist from Memphis La Blusera, died

The death of the pianist Gustavo Villegas caused deep pain in the musical environment, especially those who remembered him for his participation in Memphis La Blusera. The band remembered him with an emotional video and a heartfelt farewell message.

During the last hours the death of the pianist who knew how to mark a style and leave his legacy in the blues was confirmed. For several years he joined Memphis La Blusera and after some time maintaining his musical commitments between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, he decided to settle in the coastal city.

Through its official Facebook account, the legendary blues band confirmed the sad news and did so along with a video where Villegas is seen performing the song “A punto de estallar de amor”.

The musician was part of the first five years of Memphis La Blusera and for that, the members of the band said goodbye expressing: “Goodbye to a great pianist and person. Good trip Gustavo Villegas. RIP”

“Memphis La Blusera “Always” present”, they added in their farewell. Along with this band, the pianist recorded the first album “Alma Bajo la Rain” and also accompanied great American blues musicians such as: Eddie King, Ollan Bell, Zakiya Hooker, Lorenzo Thompson and JC Smith.

For his part, the band’s bassist Daniel “Ruso” Beiserman remarked on his social networks: “Today the Memphis family has to say goodbye with deep regret to one of its historical pillars, how is our pianist and friend Gustavo Villegas”. Therefore, he argued that “the blues mournsGoodbye Gus, RIP dear friend.”

Gustavo Villegas
Gustavo Villegas

Villegas passed away in Mar del Plata, where he played with different musicians but since 2017 he began to join the band La Blues Machine, along with Pedro Peña on guitar and voice, José Pepe Marín on sax, Damián Miranda on bass and Santiago Masarone on drums.

With this group, musician was not only the keyboardist but also artistic producer from the second album of the combo “La Copa del Ángel”. Beyond his interest in stage and recording, Villegas left his artistic knowledge reflected in two piano music books called “Piano blues” and “Piano rock and roll”.

With his career and musical passion, the former member of Memphis La Blusera knew how to leave a unique and comprehensive style in music. And it is that throughout his career he knew how to combine blues, swing and rock to excite thousands of people with each one of his chords.

The remains of Villegas will be veiled this Wednesday with the presence of family and friends from 2:00 p.m. at the Pérez-Caruso burial house, located on 475 J. Peralta Ramos Avenue in Mar del Plata and then transferred to the local cemetery.

Memphis La Blusera managed to popularize the blues genre in Argentina and became one of the emblematic bands in the history of local music. However, his most painful break occurred on June 12, 2012 when the unmistakable voice of Adrián Otero faded.

That day, the leader of the band died in a traffic accident. Throughout almost three decades he managed to massify the blues. In fact, his song “La flor más bella” became one of the most listened to hits during the nineties, to the point that it became the opening of the most popular television program of the time, Videomatch.

That same year and 5 months after Otero’s death, Emilio Villanueva, another of the founding members of Memphis La Blusera, died. The musician is remembered as “El saxo de La Paternal” and he was instrumental in marking the exciting sound that characterized the legendary band.

On November 13, 2012, Villanueva suffered a cardiac decompensation that caused his death. However, his music remained in the memory of blues lovers, because beyond joining the band led by Otero, he also reaped great apprenticeships in Chicago, the city recognized for its musical genre, and formed several projects in Argentina.


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