Hubert Hurkacz, champion and executioner in Halle

Huber Hurkacz keep going unbeatable in all the finals he has played and this was not going to be less. Thus the Pole is crowned in the Halle’s ATP 500 almost without blinking. A tennis player who presented himself with good data before a Daniel Medvedev who knows well what it is to lose, since he did it last week on the ATP 250 from ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

They both came from a great tournament. Expectations were high for Daniil Medvedev, who has only dropped one serve all week. In addition, his rival had only achieved 4 breaks in the entire competition, had played several tie breaks and did not arrive, ultimately with the same confidence.

The first manga was undoubtedly an exhibition by Hubert Hurkacz, making it clear that everything he had fought for this week, he was not going to throw it overboard. He showed the most aggressive and defining side of him. He opted to move Medvedev down the court and thus the break came during the Russian’s first serve. He often got the second Hubert after winning the serve from him. The lost final was weighing on the number 1 in the world and his legs were also weighing him down.

Meanwhile, the Pole continued with his tennis recital, showing his great ability to serve and his impeccable backhand. Key resources against an inconsistent defense from Daniil. then came the ddiscussions with his coach, Gilles Cervarawho was very angry with Medvedev from the first games.

A match marked by the epic

The party continued in this line. But, in case the final lacked some epicity, it was with 5-0 on the scoreboard when a spontaneous jumped to try to tie himself to the net. Shortly before Gilles Cervara left the stadium after a shout from his pupil. In contrast, the birthday boy Craig Boynton, Hurkacz’s teacher, was calm throughout the game.

The first set was closed 6-1 in favor of the Pole. An impeccable job that Daniil Medvedev did not oppose much. A simple and silent performance but that until then had only made him lose 8 points, 4 with the first serve and 4 with the second. Figures more than consecrated.

Silent glimpses of the number 1 in the second set

In case you wanted more excitement, the match point in the first game of the second manga. Hurkacz thus showed that he knew how to defend himself even at the net. He then took the first break of the second set, while the public surrendered at his feet.

Then saw a hint of aggressiveness on the part of Medvedev,. from the fifth game. However, Hurkacz continued along the same lines, making it clear that his nerves were not going to play tricks on him. Not even at a time like this, where someone without that much experience would be expected to start getting nervous. Hubert showed he didn’t know what that was, winning his serve without batting an eye to put the 4-2 on the scoreboard.

The game that happened to him was a pure reflection of the final. The world number one saved two break balls and showed that he has a wide range to shoot from. However, this did not scare the Pole, who stood on the 5-3 without getting too out of control. Even though Medvedev had started to be competitive, Huber Hurkacz’s dynamic remained the same, continuing down the path of effectiveness that comes from letting go of his arm.

Medvedev then took out with devastated gesture. However, he also began to show his rival some nervousness, to show that he is human, although he had not shown it until now. What seemed to be the resurgence of Daniil Medvedev turned into a deuce, after which came the first match point for Hurkacz. The Russian knew how to lift it and take advantage up front, with a little dance of the ball included by the net. He thus saved the first round number 1 in the world.

Meanwhile, nothing seemed to affect the world number 12. Two impeccable serves to get 30-0 on the scoreboard. The Russian then rebelled, but not enough for Hurkacz not to define the blow in the net that would take him to his first match point. He then left another mortality sample the Pole, doing a double fault. Although less than a minute later he would consecrate himself as champion of the Halle tournament in just over an hour. He thus maintains his streak of winning all the finals he has played in his career.

Four fewer errors than Medvedev and 6 more winners than the world number 1, to be crowned in Germany and thus get his first title of the season. A 84% of points won with the first serve to leave the Russian once again at the gates of the title, thus losing his second consecutive final. While Hubert Hurkacz already has in mind what is coming to him at Wimbledon, as he mentioned in the courtside interview at the end of the match.

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