Locho Loccisano’s mother shared retro photos and surprised the public’s reaction

Locho Loccisano in The Hotel of the Famous

After passing three “H’s” and going to the maze more than five timess, Locho Loccisano is emerging as one of the strongest participants in The Hotel of the Famous and in the face of the loaded or negative attitudes of his companions within the game, people are increasingly inclined towards him. In the last hours his mother shared photos of him as a child and the comments were impressive.

“Always lovely” wrote Monica Meroni in your Instagram stories along with a photo of his son when he was about two years old, dressed as a sailor. In a post he uploaded a photo of Lucas already much older, at eight or ten years old, dressed as a grenadier.

locho of child
locho of child
Locho de nene, dressed as a grenadier
Locho de nene, dressed as a grenadier

Those posts were after midnight, after he managed to win the competition by leaving out Militta Bora who had re-entered the game two weeks ago. “These kids didn’t even do a maze, I did three ‘H’s’ and five mazes already. I have a burned mouth. I’m tired, I want to go home.” He had said hours before, somewhat tired, who was a participant in Combat.

In a dialogue with Juan, one of the cooks of the cycle led by Pampita and Chino Leunis, he analyzed the game: “To belong (to the family led by Chancho Estévez) you have to get along badly with me. Walter (Queijeiro) got along with me, went to the ‘H’. Nice (Martino) got along with me, he went to the ‘H’. All the peoncitos that surround me do it to belong, not because they hate me. It is because of a lack of personality that they barde me”. And the chef agreed with him with an example: “How does it happen in a school?”. “Welcome to La Colonia de los Famosos, where 45-year-olds share themselves as 15-year-olds″, the player joked.

The most surprising thing about his mother’s posts was not the unpublished photos, but the repercussion and the comments of the people who took him as a reference and leader and supported him more and more as his peers ignored him.

One of the first to leave her message on the post was Majo Martino, very close to Lucas during his stay at El Hotel, who put emojis with hearts. Then the public added: “Thank you for raising a son full of love, he is a reflection of that and shows it. Strength, what really counts is that he is already a winner, a winner of life, a winner for the outside world, a winner of real life”, “When you see him hug him tight and give the Neapolitan a mile and have him read to us, let him explode the heart of love”, “Your son Locho is the child and adult that we parents need our children to be, he is so pure, so truly loving, strength”, “So cute, with so many values, he is a great example to follow”, and “That child is beautiful and the little man he became, full of values, Locho, life always rewards those who do things well and that your future is going to be excellent, because you have the strength of a warrior and today you showed it”.

The “H” on Monday was not easy for him, who at one point felt he was running out of air. “I don’t remember what happened, I only know that I ran out of air and that I panicked”, he said later backstage. “I feel stress and I think what happened to me was because of the anguish I’ve been having lately”, he said at the end of the game. From what happened, the rest of the competitors seemed to reflect on the bullying dispensed to Locho and promised to “loosen up”.


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