Migrations ordered the expulsion of the detained Deportivo Cali bars from the country

A group of Deportivo Cali fans were arrested with knives before the game against Boca Juniors

The National Directorate of Migration (DNM) ordered the expulsion from the country of Colombian fans of Deportivo Cali arrested with a large number of white weapons and flares, hours before the match between that Colombian club and Boca Juniors, for the Copa Libertadores.

From the body dependent on the Ministry of the Interior they reported this Friday that the measure has already been notified to the courts where foreign citizens are under arrest.

According to immigration authorities, Among the 15 Cali fans who will be deported, five have an irregular entry into the country and 10 entered Argentine territory with tourist residence.

Besides them, There are three other detainees, but in their case they have permanent residence and will have to wait for the Justice to rule on their situation.

The fans were arrested in the vicinity of the Hilton Hotel, in Puerto Madero. From there they were going to board buses on the way to the Boca stadium. But when noticing the presence of members of the City Police they were nervous, they tried to avoid the controls and tried to escape: they were unsuccessful.

During the search, the officers found daggers, knives, blades, mittens and glass bottles. Also 49 tickets of 3,000 pesos and 33 of protocol, all from the match against Boca. Thus, they were under arrest, accused of the crimes of assault and resistance to authorityand carrying a knife.

The weapons seized from Cali fans (Courtesy: TN)
The weapons seized from Cali fans (Courtesy: TN)

Previously, on Wednesday, eight other bars had also been apprehended with knives in the Plaza de la República.

This Friday, the Minister of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandrohad communicated that the Buenos Aires government was going to request the deportation of the detainees.

We prevent a tragedy. They are violent people. There are Colombians who live in our country and others who came especially to the match. Blades, screwdrivers, mittens and tickets were seized from them, and their origin is being investigated,” said the official.

And he added: “Beyond having put them in the admission so that in a long time they do not set foot in an Argentine stadium, we are going to ask the national authorities to report them and that, at the moment of wanting to re-enter the country, they are minimally asked for their background information because what we cannot tolerate is that these violent people enter and leave our territory with impunity”.

The DNM made itself available to the Buenos Aires government upon learning of the arrests. Earlier today, both the City Police and the East Flagrancy Unit Prosecutor’s Office had contacted the agency to establish the immigration status of Colombian citizens.

15 of those detained will be deported in the next few hours
15 of those detained will be deported in the next few hours

On the eve of last night’s game, several Deportivo Cali fans were also involved in a fight with barrabravas from Racing Club in the vicinity of the Gerli station, whose train makes the journey between Ezeiza-Constitución.

The conflict between the followers of the Caleño team and those of Racing had started on Wednesday of last week, when a group of Colombian fans who arrived in the country they allegedly stole a flag from Academy fans at their stadium.

That time, with the excuse of wanting to see the Racing field, a group of Colombians managed to cross the entrance to the Cylinder. In fact, there is a suspicion that they were helped, since the Deportivo Cali bar had a very close relationship with the old Imperial Guard led by the Escobar brothers.

As on that day the Academy played against Melgar from Peru, several flags were already hanging there, among them those of the Burzaco group, which is part of Los Pibes de Racing, as the faction that took control of the team’s grandstand is called. of Avellaneda.

The moment of the theft of the Racing flag by the ultras of Deportivo Cali

They untied her from the fence, put her in a bag and took her away. And the next day a video appeared on social networks where Colombians boasted of what they had done and challenged their rivals from the Academy.

That flag, considered a “sacred object” in the liturgy of the barrabravas, sparked a pitched battle which ended with a fan in serious condition.


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